27mm Pipe Clamp Fittings are designed to fit industry standard 3/4″ Galvanised Nominal Bore tube, which has an outer diameter of around 27mm (26.9mm).

27mm fittings can be used for many purposes, but 27mm is ideally suited to the DIYer using this for very light duty applications.

The steel pipe that we sell here is the recommended type for use with these size fittings. However, most steel tube within the 26-28mm range should suffice. (Call us for clarification if unsure)

All fittings are galvanised mild steel, and come complete with grub screws to be tightened with an allen key.

Size Conversions:

Size 5
Q Clamp Size 1
Interclamp Size A27
Tubeclamp / Alvin Size A
Fastclamp G20

27mm Fitting